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Buyers take note:  There is simply no better person to help you find your next horse than Barbara Manor at German Sporthorse Consulting!  Why?  Because, she delivers!   Here’s what you can expect along with the sheer fun of your German adventure.

- Welcoming, individual, and exclusive support for you!
- Finding your horse in the time you have in Germany!
- Connecting with top breeders, stables, and professional trainers!
- Arranging extensive veterinary exams for your horse!
- Arranging international horse transport to bring your horse home safely!
- Paying a commission only when you buy a horse!
- Attending top German horse Events!
- Benefiting from more than a decade of successful and experienced service for clients!

Working with Barbara Manor at German Sporthorse Consulting was a pleasure, with none of the problems we heard about from other people who went to Germany alone or who used other agents.

Germany Lüdinghausen
My first horse shopping trip to Germany was in 1998.  I loved that experience with Barbara, and I was able to find the horse I had always wanted.  I enjoyed eight terrific years of fun with that horse.  When 2006 found me looking for my next horse, I started out looking in the US, just as I had done in 1998.  After several months of searching, I realized that other than spending fruitless hours on the internet and the telephone and putting mileage on my car, I was disappointed with the horses I was finding.  So I decided to grab my closest friend and go back to Germany to find my next dressage partner.  Being very petite (okay, the truth is that at 5 feet tall, I’m short but “petite” sounds so much more elegant!), I thought that by looking at smaller horses, I could  maximize my purchasing power & find a nice, well-started young horse between the ages of five and eight.  I explained everything to Barbara, set the dates for the trip, and made the airline reservations.  My friend was just as excited about going as I was!

Barbara met us at the airport & it was like seeing an old friend.  I felt like I had never left!

As for the horse shopping, Barbara asked me if I would consider looking at a pony!?!!  I pretended to think about it and said, “No, not really, but I’m happy to go see one if you think it’s worthwhile.”  Barbara had been impressed with a very nice 3 year old German Riding Pony she had seen in Muenster.  She said she just wanted to check whether, at 14.2 hands, he would be too small for me.  The pony wasn’t the age I wanted, but he was very pretty and wound up being a complete surprise to me.  He was actually a real horse with super gaits!  It wasn’t a hard decision to give him a try, and when I got off I had a giant smile on my face because it was so much fun riding him!  Since I promised myself that I would not consider buying anything under five years old, we continued with our plans and travelled all through northern Germany looking at about 20 other horses and German Riding Ponies.  Some were nicer than others; many were worth serious consideration.  Yet every night I replayed the video tape of the 3 year old German Riding Pony that I had clearly fallen for.  One week and a lot of horses later, we went back to Muenster to give the 3 year old one more try.  I think I liked him better the second time, if that was possible!  Barbara negotiated a very good price with the seller and we all went to celebrate!  

Since I could not stay in Germany for the vet check, Barbara went on my behalf.  She stayed in touch with me throughout the process of shipping x-rays to my U.S. vets, arranging transportation and insurance, and making sure everything went as it should.  It all worked out beautifully and my pony arrived safe and sound in America. In addition to shopping for my new horse, we also included some fun activities during the trip!  We went to an Oldenburg auction in Vechta (super young horses and a very exciting auction!), had a great time shopping at the Reitsport Schockemoehle tent sale (fantastic bargains!!), and got to see the Westfalen stallion parade in Warendorf (a definite “must see” if the timing works out)!

It was an absolutely terrific experience dealing with Barbara again.  I cannot recommend German Sporthorse Consulting’s services highly enough!  My friend and I felt completely comfortable with all aspects of the shopping and purchasing experience and we appreciated the opportunity to go to farms and places we never could have found on our own.  We had a great time from start to finish.  Thank you Barbara!

P.S. My “pony” turned six in March 2009.  He is now 15 hands (perfect!).  It has been absolute fun to train this terrific young horse and he has been tremendously successful showing up and down the East Coast.  A highlight from 2008 was when he placed highly in the FEI 5 year old class at Dressage at Devon!  Best of all, he’s “all that” I wanted and more!

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