clients / alice & dawn

My daughter and I had been looking for Hunters for over a year; on our own and with the help of various agents and trainers. Unfortunately, the search that we had expected to be fun and enjoyable, for the most part was discouraging and filled with disappointments. Our long search had left us with only a handful of horses that we liked. Two did not pass the vet check, and the other two were sold prior to our receiving x-rays. But, we refused to give up. Since three of the four horses we liked were German imports, we decided to correspond with several trainers and agents in Germany. My daughter and I decided to make the trip to Germany, since we were confident that it would be a "win" "win" situation. If we found what we were looking for, great, if not, we would have the experience of a lifetime.

The winning horse!

Our first day in Bremen, Germany proved to be a disaster. The GPS navigation system I requested for our rental car did not work. Also, my international cell phone did not work, and the agent who we had planned to meet with had an emergency and could not take us to the barns that he had arranged for us to see. The next morning our agent called to tell us that he had arranged for a very nice lady named Barbara to assist us. Being introduced to Barbara proved to be the best thing that could have ever happened. Barbara called and assured us that our trip to Germany was not in vain, and that she would do all she could to help us in our search, and make our experience an enjoyable one. My daughter and I went from complete despair, to once again feeling hopeful.

In the brief time Barbara was given, she had arranged for us to take a look at a few horses in Hanover, and then to meet with her at the Ramsbrock barn in Menslage. Barbara's patience was just one of the many things I appreciated about her. After getting lost three or four times, my daughter and I finally arrived at the Ramsbrock barn.

Barbara was very apologetic. She prefers to have at least a months notice prior to a client´s arrival, so that she can view videos of the rider, and the rider's current horse, and take the necessary time to find a horse well suited for her client. However, with the short time she was given, literally a few hours, Barbara made arrangements for us to stay at a local hotel, and to take us to several barns in the area. She was kind enough to drive us around, pay for our meals, and invite us to her home so that I could have access to a phone and the internet. Barbara was a lifesaver.

The winning horse!

One of the most important qualities we were looking for in a horse was a great Hunter disposition. The horse had to be very honest, brave, willing, intelligent, as well as being athletic enough to eventually compete in the Working Hunter divisions. After looking for over a year for this type of horse, we thought that our chances of finding one in only one week in Germany would be slim. To our surprise, the second horse at the Ramsbrock barn was everything we had been searching for. One of the tests we used on horses was to put various objects on the jumps to see what reaction the horse would have. Every horse we tried this on refused the jump, being taken off guard. But this five year olds casual approach to and over the jump got our attention. We added another object to the jump, but he still continued to go over the jump quietly and effortlessly. We ordered a vet check, but continued our search just in case. Fortunately, all went well, since he was by far our favorite.

My daughter and I had a wonderful experience finding her new partner. And if that wasn't enough, Barbara kindly treated us to the most amazing horse show we had ever seen; the International Horse Show in Aachen. And, to top it all off, since Barbara didn't have the time to make the arrangements to take us to as many barns as she would have liked, the commission she charged was very reasonable! WOW!

Barbara's patience, kindness, and integrity not only make her a wonderful agent to do business with, but also a wonderful person to know, and to have as one of our friends.

Alicia and I will always be grateful to you Barbara for helping her to find such a wonderful new partner, and for making our trip to Germany one of the most positive, and memorable experiences of our lives.

Our sincere thanks and appreciation,

Dawn Bradbury