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Thorough consultations before your trip about the kind horse you wish to purchase.

making appointments

We like to spend time with our clients already when a trip is in the planning stage. Because we like to get to know you and get to know your wishes and ideas. It is important to be open about your financial goals. It makes it possible to assess the possibilities. The kind of horse you are looking for is important, because it gives us time to plan and to bring you to the right places to look for your horse. But if you are not quite sure what you really like, because there are more options, tell us and we are happy to make suggestions. We are also very happy to assist you and advice you, if you like. Of the many, good breeders and training stables, we have the right sources to look for the fitting horses for you.

Your personal time schedule

Time is money! We know, many don’t have much time. Professionals have to work, horse folks like to spend their time with their horse, not necessary travelling the world. But, finding your horse in Germany must not take up much of your time. The result is worth the effort. The sometimes long way to Germany is the shortest way to the horse that fits you perfectly! We do recommend at least 4 days in Germany. But, you can of cause stay longer. Just let us know when you like to come, and we arrange for time and make plans just for you. If time allows, you can combine your stay with a visit to a top horse show or a side trip to see more of the country. We support you in any way we can to give you dates of interesting events. So, your trip can be of short or long duration, we make it a great time whatever you choose.

SpringSpring... FallFall...
SummerSommer... WinterWinter!

Every time is a good time to come to Germany! Spring, summer, fall or even winter, at any time Germany offers what you like to find.

Travel arrangements to and from Germany

service service

For US citizen, Canadians, Australians, most South American States it is easy to travel to Europe. In most cases, all you need is a valid passport. Airline tickets are easily obtained and don’t have to be expensive. Often you can get a first impression when checking prices for flights on the internet. Of cause, we pick you up at the airport and organize your transportation here in Germany.


Hotels during you stay in Germany

breakfast hotel

Since our travel route in Germany depends very much on your wishes of what kind of horse you like to buy, the time of year you come to look and the duration of your stay, we individually select hotels. We stay close to where we have made appointments for you. That gives you time to relax and reflect on what you have experienced during the day. From local, cosy inns to fancy hotels, everything can be arranged. We like to make sure to know your preferences to stay in the right place for you to be comfortable.


The way to your horse – well and efficiently planed


An important aspect of our service for you is the right guide to accompany you. Barbara is fluent in German and English and experienced to organize and plan a trip. We want to be effective so you can see as many suitable horses as possible during the time you can spend here. No searching to find your way. Comfort wile you travel is important to us. It makes it much easier to look at the horses you see. She knows where to find what you like. She knows the horses and likes people and finds also the opportunities off the beaten path.  


Making appointments to see/try horses that are of interest and suitable for you


We want you to get to the right place at the right time. That is why we make appointments with the people that have the horse for sale that you want. It is one more advantage you have with us – we do not go on a wild goose chase and waste your and/or the sellers time. You will see horses that are interesting to you, so by the end of your stay, you have fine choices you can make. We adjust time schedules and routes so you have time to really look at the horses without hectic. We like you to understand the seller and all the information about the horses you are looking at. Only complete information helps you to evaluate the horse as to his background and the suitability for you. We encourage you to be able to talk to people and get to know them and their horses. To see the horses is the most important part of your visit. If a horse interests you, see if it fits. Feel the horse, take your time! The seller should be prepared to spent time with you and that takes communications and appointments. They should be made in advance – though many stables are flexible and able to accommodate on short notice. But we want you to see as many horses as possible, on a for you comfortable schedule, and so preparation is important.

Introducing you to sincere, reputable and knowledgeable horse people

reput Meeting breeders at a show, relaxing
talks about horses over a beer
lookHenrik presenting a sweet amateur horse. reputProud farmers present their young quality horses

We are here in Germany and have the opportunity to see horses every day. Our very good connections with fine breeders, trainers and associations are your advantage. Since we are in contact and have done business with a great number of horse people, we know about their reliability, sincerity and the kind of quality horses they offer. And, the seller knows us and appreciates our work too. For some sellers it is very difficult to communicate with clients from abroad. And sometimes meetings are a little frustrating. How can one describe a horse and find out if it is the type a client is interested in? Is a client that comes sincere, reliable, trust worthy? Some good seller have become a little sceptical and like reassurance too.  Here we help for communications work for seller and buyer! And, the seller knows, when they offer attractive horses and prices, we like to stay in touch for more business, with more informed and serious clients. With us you see better horses at attractive prices than when you are on your own. Because of our connections, we can show you fitting horses in a concentrated, organized and effective way. You save time and money! And, we like you to meet with people and get to know them too. It gives you an interesting look at the German horse business and often for our clients a deep insight into the passion that really makes the German Sport horse so dominant on the world marked.

Help with negotiations


When you found your horse and you do want to buy it, we are happy to help you negotiate the details of a purchase. First is the price. We want you to get the best price possible. Since we know the going rate for a particular quality and kind of horse, we can advise you reliable if the price for a horse is realistic, low or high. We work for you and only in that sense for the seller. We also help you with conditions of the sale, and it is important not to have any misunderstandings between you and the seller. So we do every thing possible for you to get the horse you chose under conditions that satisfy you! We advise our clients to pay the price agreed on for their horse to the seller directly. That brings transparency into buying horses, for the buyer and the seller. It assures that you pay what the seller wants -  and you agreed - and nothing else. Our commission is paid separately and also directly.

Arranging for veterinary exams

vet vet

Before you actionably buy a horse you want to know if it is healthy. Only a extensive veterinary exam can give you certainty. Many horses have already been vetted and have ex-rays and that is an advantage, it gives a first impression. It also makes a comparison possible with new ex-rays if old ones exist and gives an even more reliable picture. When we ask a seller about the health of the horse he offers, we want to get truthful information about it. It makes absolutely no sense to fall in love with a horse that does not pass a thorough vet examination. If you have chosen a horse you like, we will arrange an examination for you to attend if time allows. It gives you the opportunity to see what is done and ask all the questions you might have. If you can not attend a vet exam personally, we will attend and of cause, the results are send to your vet at home. Only when you are satisfied, will we be too. Insurance companies will accept a complete vet exam as well. Certain exams are necessary too for exporting a horse. Depending where the future home of the horse will be, we will ask for the appropriate exams. Even though an examination can only state the health of a horse at that moment and can not guaranty the future, you want to start of with a healthy horse. It will always be hart to find a horse with absolutely nothing to be found. Important is the evaluation as to the effect and importance of a finding on the purpose you want to use the horse for. In any case, the price for an complete examination is a good investment into the future with your horse. With many seller we arrange an agreement that they pay for the standard examination if the result is not satisfactory. We do not want our clients to spend their money on vet costs for horses that do not pass. It also encourages sellers to only offer horses that are of good health.

Helping with money transfers

Money transfers are no problem and everyday occurrence in modern banking today. We recommend you speak with your bank before a trip to Germany. You can find out how your bank handles transfers and inform them that you might plan to have funds transferred in the near future. It often helps because not all local banks transfer money internationally every day. If you contact your bank before hand, they can prepare and make sure the funds you want to send are available. Funds are usually wired and arrive in Germany in the account of the seller within a few days after you order them. So paying for horses you buy in Germany is uncomplicated and easy.

bank money Deutsche Bank

Arranging transportation for your horse to your own stable

For many clients the transport of a horse over a long distance seems a complicated and for the horse very exhausting undertaking. Experience has show that with modern transportation and the extensive care given to the horses during the transport, horses arrive in good health and condition to the buyer. Air transport is often less strain for the horse then a lengthy transport by road. The companies that specialize in flying horses worldwide have lots of experience and take very good care of the horses. The comfort for your horses is no less then that for horses that travel often to international competition. So, the transport of your horse should not be a great concern when you work with a reputable company. We help you with rates and companies that we have had the best experiences with.

transport transport transport

Making sure during your entire trip your wishes will be taken seriously

foodStuffed pork tenderloin with baked sliced apples and tri-coloured gnocchi.

When you come to Germany, we like to arrange everything to make your stay a successful, and unforgettable positive experience. We want you to feel comfortable and free to let us know what special interest or wishes you have. Germany has fine foods, when possible we like to enjoy it with our clients. If time permits, we like to offer a side program to you depending upon your interests. If you like to visit with training stables, do some sight seeing, shopping, enjoy culture, enjoy a horse show, we try to arrange it for you. It is part of the great fun buying a horse in Germany to experience a very exiting time with us, discovering a horse enthusiasts fantastic source.

Looking after you until your horse reaches your stable


When you are back home, we still stay in touch and see to it that every thing goes well until your horse reaches your stable. Staying with you and help with any questions that might even arise later. For us, it is important to know, how you will get along with your horse in the future and how you enjoyed your trip to Germany and to include suggestions on how to improve our service even more.

Internet, Video and Co...

Not every one can come to Germany. We can help in those situations too. When clients have a good idea of the horse they would like, we can help them to buy their horse successful with us through the internet! Because we are very experienced, we search for the described horse, check it for all the attitudes and qualities a client wants to find and then send pictures and videos to the client.


We are very much aware, that to recommend a horse that the client has not seen is very difficult. It can only come to a fine match when all is done very conscientiously and in the interest of the client. It is easier when we know our clients from previous visits and know exactly what they are looking for. Then we give them the information on a horse that we feel is exceptional and would be very interesting to them. In the last couple of years, horses have been offered for sale on the internet and to send videos has become very popular. If all is well, it can be possible, to have initial information from witch a good buy may result.

The difficulties just surfing the net is, knowing who you are dealing with. Sometimes it will give you correct information, but often it will not! Horses on videos, that are in reality not for sale at all. To send videos, sometimes even without the owner knowing about it, is often used, just to get potential buyers interested. From Europe, out into the world this is a special problem, easy to understand. Here, fine horses sell often fast. By the time a video of a particular horse is made, put online, for responses waited, consultations, and perhaps even for a client to come and see “that” horse, it will often be sold. We can help you to avoid situations like that and check on the horses here to give a realistic report to an interested buyer.

You can be sure, at any time you like to visit Germany to search for "your" horse, there will be plenty of fine horses for you to meet and try, find suitable and buy! The problem is not, will I find a horse I like. It is, witch one will I take home in the end? A fun problem to have!

Arranging your personal horse shopping trip to Germany

World Horse

GermanSporthorseConsulting is the professional connection to the German horse market for clients from around the world. We arrange your personal horse shopping trip to Germany. We serve professional clients and amateurs to find the horses they search for.

You are fascinated by the world famous German Sport Horse?


You are not alone! And there are many wonderful reasons to be a real fan. These beautiful proportioned horses have a natural presents. The character, temperament, athletic ability, and soundness is a the guarantee for outstanding performance. When a well trained horse moves in the dressage ring, jumps over the highest obstacles, or delivers with style a perfect round in a hunter course, one sees the spirit, the sensible temperament, courage and ability that show in their body and faces. But, they are also very patient, they get very attached to their owners and they motivate to learn together. Better then watching -  is riding them.

black rider

Many riders want to have a German warm blood horse and are interested in buying one. They are not only the first choice of the top riders of the world, they are suitable for young riders and novices too. They bring pleasure to thousands of horse lovers all over the world. German Sport Horses have the beauty of the body and the mind to be very enthusiastic about. They are dependable and right for almost every task. If you want to go on relaxing trail ride just in your spare time without show ambitions, or you want to ride in fierce competition, the German sport horse will be a suitable companion were ever and when ever you need one!


International stars and also amateurs from all over the world buy their horses in Germany! They know why! No were in the world is there a greater number of horses to choose from in all price ranges. With our help, you can do that too and use this advantages for you! Buying a horse in Germany and importing it to your country, up to the front door of your stable is much easier, less complicated and more fun than you probably imagine!

Here some more reasons why you should buy directly in Germany:

The selection...

To choose among hundreds of horses is an experience you will find only in Germany. In the northern part of Germany are the main breeding areas of the German Sport horse. Easy access to farms, auctions and training stables make it very effective to search for your horse.

black rider grey jumper jumper

The quality...

nice! qulity

Is right here on the source fantastic! The quality of a horse is a combination of many things to become a horse perfectly matching your needs. It starts with the careful consideration of breeding proven mares to the most fitting stallions. The care given to mares and foals during birth and the up bringing on big pastures of the young horses together with playmates. This way of raising young horses is the best start a horse can have to develop all the wonderful potential they have through the careful breeding and the fame of their parents and forebears. You can see this wonderful source of energy, strength, character, in the loveable personality of these young horses.

Germany has a tradition of great trainers. Many of them work and support young riders and even national teams around the world on their way to success. In Germany trainer work with the young horses to make them what they are bred to be: Fine Riding Horses

The price...

the price

You want to get the most for your money! The German horse market offers the best conditions for getting your dream horse at a fair price. Many factors come into play for establishing the going rate for a horse. Not very different than for most other goods and services you are used to buy. The great advantage you have in Germany is, that there are a lot more horses of the quality you want. So you have the opportunity to compare the best horse you like with the price of other horses.

Since more quality horses are for sale, the prices are much more reasonable. Wonderful, suitable and quality riding horses are plentiful. It is not difficult to find a fine horse starting at € 15 000. Of cause, the more flexible your financial possibilities are, the more choices you have. We try very hart for you to find the horse you like for the money you want to spent.

The very top horses of international quality are in price ranges that reflect the special quality of the outstanding and rare. If you are interested in finding the best, we have a special program that is in touch with the extraordinary. You can trust us to make the very best accessible and possible for you!


The experience...

Germanyis a horse fans paradise. The experience to see the horses, the training facilities, the country side, perhaps some shows, meeting the people that share your love of horses in Germany is a lot of fun. Site seeing and shopping can compliments your trip. If you have not much time, it is possible to concentrate efforts and find the right horses fast. We organize your time here the way you prefer!

Searching for your horse

As riding has become more popular, better, and much more competitive around the world, the demand for German Sport Horses has steadily increased. They are the first choice of international riding stars and world champions, wanting to have the best chances to win in fierce competition. Many, that want to get to the top, are not satisfied or content with second best either. When you invest a lot of effort, a lot of time, and a lot of resources into the sport, you want to see results that match your goals in local, national and international competition. Working with excellent horses, capable of doing the job, is inspiring and motivation to achieve success.

CHIO Aachen - DressageFor serious Business...
CHIO Aachen - JumpingAachen 2005
Amateur 01 ...or Fun! Amateur 02

As an amateur, searching for a horse, you will give it some careful thought before you invest your money. You will evaluate your riding and your goals. You will have talked to your trainer and have come to an overall picture what a horse should be like to suit your riding. You might then look where the horses come from in your own barn. Or at horse shows you visit or participate in to see if your new friend might be available there. Determining where your new friend is going to come from in the end, depends on where you live and the horses offered nearby, the time and training possibilities, the goals you have and the money you want to spend. That, and other factors play a role on how to go about searching for your horse.

And then, you think you found your horse and are faced with complications. To have to let the deal fall through because the horse does not pass a veterinary examination or is just plain to expensive. You spend your precious time driving or even flying around, spending the money you actually wanted to spend on your new horse on travel and on the time of a trainer that would be more fun to spend for training on, or with your new horse.

top of the horse A new perspective.

If you have tied all of this and are not satisfied, if you can not find what you are really searching for, don’t settle for second best. If you know right a way that you want to look for the best, we are the way for you to go and find your very personal success. The seemingly long way to Germany is the shortest way to the horse of your dreams.

A professional knows, to serve clients well, it is important to take developments in the surrounding area into account when offering horses for sale. German Sport Horses represent an attractive addition to the horses offered for sale.

We offer an extensive service to professions and their special needs. A way that is fun, fast, and successful. We invite you to check out what we can do for you.

We offer to you

Serving our clients successfully for years, we are happy that through the internet it is possible to introduce our program in more detail. We are reliable, competent, sincere, and experienced partners to make a trip for you successful too. We would like to get to know you and your very specific needs - to make your expectations for the right horse come true.

You have been to Europe, but you where not totally happy with the way things went? Hit or miss? Not with us! With us, you will get very satisfying results. If you have been to Germany, buying horses and you did not have a fine result, you did not work with us!

Complete services to make your trip to Germany, finding your horse easy and comfortable, fun, successful and a lasting wonderful experience is not what we promise, it is what we deliver.

When you consider to go on a trip to Germany to find your special horse, we invite you to contact us and to find out how we can help.

You may have never been to Germany. You might not speak German. And, when you arrive here alone, you might not know the right places to go. You might not know the customs here and, well it all just seems very complicated.

No, it does not have to be a great effort nor does it have to be complicated!

We invite you to get in touch with us and see to what we can do for you.